•   We offer the latest Technology in Interactive Picture Taking
  • Printed photos that are great keepsakes for your guests
  • Hours of entertainment for your guests
  • Custom Animations and Print Layout
  • Emoji Stamping & Photo Signing
  • MMS Text Photo Sharing
  • Creative Props & Accessories
  • Red Carpet treatment for your guests
  • Beautiful Backdrop to compliment your Theme
  • Professional & Courteous photo mirror attendant
And so much more!
Our Glamorous Photo Mirror is 3'x5' full length, super sleek and
always becomes the main attraction at any event!

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Touch the Mirror
Strike a Pose
Customize your Photo
Share your Photo
Print your Photo
Pick a fun prop and touch the mirror to start.
Bring out the diva in you and strike a pose.
Enhance your photo with signature, neon drawing or your favorite emoji.
Send the photo to your phone for instant social media sharing.
Select number of copy you want to print.

The Experience

We take the photo booth experience to a whole new level. The Glamorous Photo Mirror is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.
We offer customizable animation and print layouts, various backdrops and frames, and the MMS feature for your guests to text their photos directly to their phones to share on social media.
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Our Team

Nam Ly
Austin Lam