​​Gold Package

Up to 2 hours runtime
Unlimited pictures + 100 Prints
Standard Print Template
Emoji Stamping
Photo Signing
Photo Re-take
Creative Props & Accessories
Enthusiastic Booth Attendant
Each Additional Hour - $100​

​​Platinum Package

All  Gold Package PLUS
Total up to 3 hours Runtime
Customize Print Template 
Choice of Backdrops
Unlimited Pictures
Unlimited Prints

FREE all digital copy for the host

Each Additional Hour - $100

​​Diamond Package

All Platinum Package PLUS 
Total Up to 4 Hours Runtime
Customize Startup Animation
Green Screen* 
Photo Filter

GIF Video
Each Additional Hour - $100

 *Superimpose picture into different background option

All packages come with 

*FREE Travel in the Twin Cities Area  *FREE Social Media Sharing  *FREE Red Carpet Theme  *FREE Gold Stanchions

Customize Print Template

Select one of our popular print templates or let us know the theme and message you want to communicate to your guests, we'll design a print template that will meet your need.
Customize Startup Animation

Let us know the theme of your event, we'll create a startup animation that will amaze your guests.
Choice of Backdrop

We have a variety of backdrops that will compliment the theme of your event.